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Fast and Efficient Auto Brake Inspection, Replacement and Repairs in Chula Vista and All of San Diego County

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Outstanding Brake Services

Stay safe on the road by keeping your vehicle's brakes in good working condition. At Mobile Brake Pads, we replace auto brakes, replace rotors, and assist in cleaning and adjustments . We have been a family-owned business since 1998. Contact us today for fast and quality brake repair services at affordable prices.

Are you hearing squealing or squeaking noise when you apply your brakes? Are you having some brake problems? Stopping when you need to is critical, so don’t wait any longer. It’s time for you to get your brake pads or system checked, cleaned, repaired or replaced by professional auto brake experts.

When it comes to auto brake inspection, replacement, repair and other services in Chula Vista and other areas in San Diego, Mobile Brake Pads is the trusted company. With many years of experience servicing brakes on all types of vehicles, we are confident to provide your vehicle with outstanding auto brake inspection, replacement, repair, cleaning and adjustment no matter what you drive.

At Mobile Brake Pads, your safety on the road is our number one priority. We understand that your life depends on the efficiency and safety of your vehicle’s brake system. That is why our team of brake pads and auto repair specialists makes sure to provide high quality and professional auto brake inspection, replacement and repairs in San Diego. We make sure that you are satisfied and have peace of mind knowing that your vehicle received the best care, all at affordable prices.

No Job Is Too Big or Too Small

Whether you need a simple auto brake inspection or cleaning job in Chula Vista or brake repair and replacement anywhere in San Diego, we have all your needs covered. With our professional brake specialist on site, there’s no job too big or too small for our experts to handle. We also handle and welcome all makes and models, both domestic and foreign vehicles.

Why Choose Us for Your Brake Repairs?

● Get the front brake pad set or the rear brake pad set for only $65 plus labor
● Pay $10 extra for rotor replacements
● Prices for parts of various makes and models may vary between $40 and $50
● Pay between $20 and $40 for your vehicle inspection. The rates are based on the distance covered by the owner to complete the inspection
● Get a limited lifetime WARRANTY on our parts
● Get a 90-day labor WARRANTY

Schedule Your Brake Service Appointment Today!

If are having brake problems and you need professional auto brake inspections, replacements, repairs and other services in Chula Vista and other areas in San Diego, contact Mobile Brake Pads today. Discover why Mobile Brake Pads is the trusted and preferred company for brake services in Chula Vista and in other cities of San Diego.